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About Five Fillies Farm

Five Fillies Farm was established  in 2007 by the Williams Family. The farm is  named for the family's five daughters who all loved horses.


As a former Amish farm,  every effort is taken to maintain as much authenticity as possible.  The  two original  homes  on the property have been preserved and are occupied by members of the New Wilmington Amish community.


We allow our horses to live the most natural life possible. Our philosophy is to offer horses full turn-out with run-in shelter and constant access to the stalls as they desire.


Our  flock of free range chickens provides constant entertainment in addition to  fresh eggs daily.  Three cats and the friendliest dogs also call the barn their home.


In the summer, we grow and harvest our own top-quality hay. We also have a high-yield organic garden, grape vines, berries and fruit trees.


In the summer of 2013, we began holding weddings for family and friends. This soon grew to members of the area, ranging from Erie to West Virginia, holding their weddings at the farm. We specialize in maintaining a working farm that is exceptionally beautiful. 

The Horse Barn
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